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EP. 6 | Dating: Feedback + Frequency of Sex + Friends of Exes + Plastic Bodies

December 26, 2019

In follow up to our most streamed episode due to one of our most controversial topics to date, the fellas discuss the fallout of the interracial dating podcast. Mike and John explain to Josh that certain men are sensitive when it comes to being called weak. John’s feedback didn’t want more criticism about black women. Josh was confused since the black men is the most hyper criticized being in the world, and then black women understand this and yet they just add to the criticism instead. Josh wants people to “keep that same energy” when it comes to criticizing black women for dating outside of their race. Especially influential black female celebrities like Serena Williams, Tika Sumpter Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Eve, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Rihanna, Paula Patton, Garcelle Beauvais, Kerry Washington, Sanaa Latham and or Stacey Dash. There is an abundance of selective morality, do you agree? The fellas discuss the frequency of sex in a relationship and what would be the amount they would expect. Josh expects to have sex with his significant other every time he lays eyes upon her. John feels they would be intimate on a regular basis. Mike feels if they want the relationship to last, sex is a fundamental component of any relationship. Josh admits there are women with low libidos, so it wouldn’t make sense to get in a committed relationship with someone who isn’t capable of reciprocating your desire. Mike feels Josh and John are giving politically correct answers as if they are running for office. John feels this is the perfect time for “Storytime with Miguel.” Would you stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to have sex as frequently as you? The fellas then talk about if they would ever date a friend of an ex. John would tell the ex her friend is trying to get at him. Josh thinks it would be funny to think about, but ultimately not worth the amount of drama that is curtained to happen. Mike has another story to connect his point of this topic. Would you ever date or smash the friend of an ex? The final topic is how the fellas feel about body augmentation surgeries. How do you feel about cosmetic enhancements? Mike feels it should be fine if a girl is going to feel more confident about herself. John believes girls are getting surgeries so they get more attention from guys and on social media. Josh thinks these people are attempting to solve an internal issue, externally. And because of this, a boyfriend’s attention/validation/compliments are rendered meaningless because she is doing it for attention/validation/compliments from complete strangers she doesn’t even know. Do you think there is an issue in society with how normalized plastic surgery has become? Mike teases a new announcement for the podcast.

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