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EP. 6 | Pop Culture: Lizzo Antics + Rape Culture + Hip-Hop News & Beef

December 27, 2019

The fellas break down Lizzo’s recent antics at the Lakers game where she sported a t-shirt dress with the buttocks area cutout where she preceded to start twerking on the jumbo-tron. Do you think Lizzo is doing too much or is she being a trailblazer for young women who don’t want to be conventional? Josh thinks this further illustrates the double standard. Because if a man exposed himself in this way, he would be thrown in jail. The boys are anxious to talk about the very polarizing topic of rape culture in America. It seems as if men are instantly vilified whenever an accusation occurs without any facts, evidence and or context. And yet, women when engaging in sexual assault, are given much weaker penalties. In fact, even the false accusers of men receive very tame penalties compared to the people who had their rights violated from a false accuser defrauding the legal system. What do you think of this recent trend in society? Bill Cosby seems to be a martyr for the #MeToo movement along with Harvey Weinstein, while there are other people doing way worse and a lot of the testimonies all sound too similar. Mike, John and Josh share stories of vicarious #MeToo moments. Do you feel there is a double standard when it comes to sexual assault allegations? People are losing jobs and careers because it is a violation of their freedom. Diddy’s 50th Birthday celebration broke the internet. Especially when Jay-Z and Kanye seemed to put aside their beef for the occasion. Do you think they officially squashed the beef? Another public Hip-Hop beef was on display with Nick Cannon versus Eminem. Do you feel Nick using members of his Wild ‘N Out crew to help with the beef was whack or smart? Should Eminem even respond? Apparently 6ix9ine was finally sentenced and seems he will be released with a target on his back. How do you feel about this judgement?

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