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EP. 7 | Dating: Sex in Relationships + Marry Your Best Friend + Plastic Surgery Feedback

January 4, 2020

Mike, John, Rasheed and Josh talk about building a friendship before pursuing a serious relationship. Rasheed thinks if your partner isn’t your best friend, you might as well stop wasting each other’s time. John thinks people rush into relationships without discussing the parameters. They just get carried away with the honeymoon phase. Mike believes guys can be in the friendzone and move into an actual relationship. Josh thinks going through the friendzone is not the best idea considering the #MeToo culture. However, he does agree your lifetime spouse should be your best friend as well as lover. Would you rather be in the friendzone before being with your lifelong spouse? Mike asks the fellas what they would do if their partner could not satisfy them in bed. Rasheed uses a wonderful metaphor to describe the situation. Josh believes patience is the solution as long as it isn’t taken for granted combined with an enthusiastic spirit to improve the situation. John is going to be patient up to a certain point, and then he would go separate ways. What would you do? What if she asks you to do something you’re not comfortable doing like actually putting something inside you? After a lot of controversial feedback, the fellas talk about cosmetic enhancements. Rasheed said he doesn’t need the plastic surgery to be attracted to someone. It is a lack of authenticity and to impress people she doesn’t even know. Not to mention, girls are doing it without securing the bag. John defends his stance that was criticize in the barbershop. Mike still doesn’t mind a little nipping and tucking here and there. How do you feel about cosmetic enhancements? Leave your feedback and have it read on the next show! Thank you for listening and Happy New Year!

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